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Gracie Barra Belfast Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy: the oldest and most successful club in Northern Ireland.

2016 Irish Open: Results for Gracie Barra Belfast

2016 Irish Open: Results for Gracie Barra Belfast

Congrats to all the team from Gracie Barra Belfast that put on such an impressive performance at the the recent Irish Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open, 2016.  Stepping on the mats in a competitive environment – putting your jiu jitsu on the line, and dealing with competition nerves – is a huge achievement in itself.  The team took home the following medals:

Stevie Wilson – gold
Ryan Adair – gold
Luke Buchanan – gold
Michael Lutker – gold
Michael Lelek – gold
Aaron Keys – silver
Neil McTeggart – silver
Matt Sayers – silver
Chris Wyile – silver

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Eva Adair -bronze
Neil Mullan – bronze
David Buchanan – bronze
Dean Mc Clenaghan – bronze
Derick Chua – bronze
Carlos Quinterio Anguita – bronze
Louis Borbely – Bronze too