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Gracie Barra Belfast Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy: the oldest and most successful club in Northern Ireland.

Promotions at Gracie Barra Belfast: New brown, purple and blue belts

Congratulations to the following students who were promoted by Gracie Barra Belfast head instructor Graham Keys in September/October 2016.

Blue belts

  • Colin Strong
  • Dean McWilliams
  • Jeff Hollis
  • Michael Chalmers
  • Niall Megaw
  • Dee Quinn
  • Neil Mullan

Purple Belts

  • Danny McKernan
  • Paul Crossland

Brown Belts

  • Mark Curry

It is extremely difficult to get a belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, they are not handed out for time-served, or attendance.  Rather, each of our students have demonstrated a high level of competency and efficiency in applying the techniques of BJJ – sport and self defence – against resisting opponents.