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Why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is perfect for women

Even in this day and age, there’s still an unfair assumption that martial arts are for men only.

The truth is, martial arts, and in particular Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, are suitable for everyone.

In fact, we’d go as far to say BJJ is actually better suited for women, and here are three reasons why.

BJJ is great for self-defence

We all know this world isn’t perfect, and anyone, regardless of gender, can be a victim of violence at any time.

But the difference being able to defend yourself makes can not be understated.

People who mug women don’t want a fight. They want in and out quickly without making a scene. They want to snatch your handbag and run into the night.

They will size you up, decide if it’s worth the risk, and if not, move on.

Even the confidence that comes along with knowing a martial art will make you less likely to be mugged, just by the way you carry yourself.

And if things do get physical, then you’ve been there before.

Training BJJ will condition you to physical confrontation, allowing you not to panic if something horrible happens on the street.

Brazilian jiu jitsu is designed for weaker, smaller opponents to dominate larger ones using technique rather than strength.

This is of course, is perfect for women, allowing them to choke out guys twice their size.

Hopefully they’ll never have to use their BJJ skills outside of the gym, but they’re there if needed.

BJJ for women

Keep fit and healthy

Running, cycling, power walking, swimming, yoga, fitness classes, pilates… how many of these have you tried?

The problem with trying to keep fit is exactly that; you’re trying to keep fit.

What you should be doing is something that you enjoy, which consequently keeps you fit.

BJJ is more than just an activity, it’s a journey.

It’s not like running or swimming where you don’t have to think. There’s no monotony in BJJ, every time you step onto the mats you’re learning something new. You have to think about what you’re doing and what’s coming next.

This constant learning curve makes it about the sport, rather than about getting in shape, but don’t worry, BJJ will get you in the best shape of your life.

It’s more than just friendship

The BJJ community is unlike any other.

The people you train with become like your family – except you chose to be with them at Christmas.

It’s hard not to become close to people when you train with them, especially when both your safety is in each other’s hands. There’s a mutual respect there that builds the foundation for a strong friendship.

Because BJJ is suitable for everyone, you will meet and make friends with people from all walks of life. One of the great things about the sport is how both men and women can train together on a level playing field.

As women make up the minority of BJJ practitioners, the closeness that forms between jiujiteiras is incredibly strong. And it’s not just a bond between other women in your gym; you’ll form an instant connection with female BJJ practitioners from other gyms and even the ones you compete against in tournaments.

Women who practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu support each other in ways rarely seen in other activities.

Start your BJJ journey today

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is perfect for women.

Not only does it teach you how to defend yourself, but it helps you lose weight, stay fit, and boost your confidence in every aspect of life.

BJJ teaches you to love what your body can do, rather than what it looks like.

You don’t need to be big and strong to be good at it, you just need the desire to learn.

If you’re interested in beginning your journey in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu then we have the perfect opportunity for you.

Our women’s self defence programme combines a comprehensive self-defence curriculum with emphasis on drills that simulate realistic attack and escape situations.

The techniques are complemented by a strong fitness component that is second to none compared to classes offered in regular gyms.

All our women-only classes are taught by a female instructor, so it’s the perfect introduction to one of the world’s fastest growing sports.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about our free two-week trial, or call Aaron on +44 7926 917 909 if you have any questions.

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