We at Gracie Barra Belfast have been waiting on the government guidelines for dealing with the unprecedented events unfolding around us.

As we have made you aware as of Monday 13th July we will be opening our doors again to our existing members to begin with, (we hope to be open to new members very soon) during the first few weeks regrettably there will be restrictions on the amount of training and classes that we can do and you can attend due to the Covid Regulations.
We understand that this will be unusual from our normal routine and we hope we can return to normal free training as soon as possible. But we must adhere to all guidelines set for us.

You will be able to book which classes that you would like to attend via the BookFit app on the app store or online (https://www.bookfitapp.co.uk) . Just search Gracie Barra Belfast to pick a class. The timetable will be available on the app. There will be 4 GB1 Fundamentals sessions a day 2 lunch time classes and 2 night time classes. To begin with there will be NO open mats.

You cannot over book classes i.e book to come during every class. As we are limiting the number per class to 20 people to begin with. We have to allow all members who have supported our club to get back into training on a fair basis. You CANNOT pick 2 classes in a row i.e two night sessions to train.
You will be allowed two 1 hour sessions a day at most, this will only be allowed with you and a partner in a training group bubble (Max 4 persons). It will be up to you to decide your own bubble. If you cannot assign yourself into a bubble one will be picked for you. THESE WILL BE YOUR TRAINING PARTNERS FOR THE FORESEABLE FUTURE, and you will only be able to attend classes with these partners. So PREPLAN your attendance and keep in touch with your partners.

During this time changing rooms will be off limits and all members must come and go in their GI’s. Toilet Facilities will be available.
You will be screened (temperature check 37.5) before you are allowed on the mats to ensure that you are safe to train and safe to train with for your partner before each class.

We understand that not everyone is ready to return, and we must state that if you do choose to come back to training you do so at your own risk. As such everyone will also be asked to sign a waiver before being allowed on the mats. We hope you understand, and know that we have taken every measure possible to reduce the risks, and get us back to the sport we all love!

GB Belfast.