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Estima Weekend and Irelands First 2nd Degree Black Belt!

As our Estima weekend came to a close, head instructor Graham Keys was awarded his 2nd degree on his belt. After being a Black Belt for 6 years Professor Victor Estima promoted Graham with his 2nd stripe on his belt after 20 years of doing BJJ this year.

What was a fantastic weekend at GB Belfast not only did we have a weekend of our Regional Director and World Champion Professor Victor Estima teaching important concepts and principles on how to control and not be controlled in side, but professor Graham Keys has now become Northern Irelands first Irish born 2nd degree Black Belt. After being N.Irelands first black belt just over 6 years ago and after 20 years of hard work and dedication to jiu-jitsu, helping build BJJ/MMA and its reputation in N.Ireland to where it is today Professor Estima decided it was time he was rewarded. Congratulations to our Head professor on his continuing journey moving forward! 

Going out afterwards building the team bond by eating an all you can eat buffet can’t be beaten. Always good to spend a night with your extended family!!