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Gracie Barra Northern Ireland – 2013 Irish Open Results and Videos

Gracie Barra NI at the Irish Open 2013

The team performed well at the recent Irish Open, held in Dublin March 28th 2013.  We took the following medals:

1) Male Purple Absolute

Daniel Soule (Bronze)
Ciaran Toal (Bronze)
2) Male Purple light adult
Ciaran Toal (Gold)
3) Male Purple Middle Heavy Senior 2
Conor Dunbar (Gold)
4) Male Blue Master Light
Damien McFall (Silver)
5) Male Blue Middle
Damien Mulgrave (Bronze)
6) Male Blue Senior 2 Middle
Hugh Malone (Gold)
7) Blue Male Master Light Feather
Kevin McCall (Gold)
8) Male Purple Master Heavy
Daniel Soule (Silver)
9) Male Adult Light Feather White
Dean McClenaghan (Silver)

10) Male Master White Feather

Lee Rooney (Gold)

11) Kids White 2004
Oscar Dunbar (Silver)

See the video playlist below: