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Gracie Barra Belfast Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy: the oldest and most successful club in Northern Ireland.

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GB BelfastGracie Barra Belfast is the largest and most successful BJJ school in Northern Ireland, having produced World (First Gold Medal in BJJ in the UK), European (Juvenile + Adult), British, Irish and Northern Irish champions.  But we don’t just cater for champions, we teach Jiu Jitsu to everyone, from 6 onwards. We have NO age limit with our oldest member being 65!

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  • Learn powerful techniques for fitness, sport, self- defence & weight-loss.
  • Our tailored, world-famous GB1 Fundamentals Programme (opens in a new window) will teach you all you need to go from beginner to black belt.
  • World class instruction in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, from Northern Ireland’s first black belt. Sharing the knowledge that has been taught down by multiple time world champions.
  • Fun, welcoming atmosphere, with classes noon and night.
  • ‘One of the top five academies in Europe’ – 10x World Champion Roger Gracie

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For more info Gracie Barra’s famous self defence system and how it differs from sport BJJ click here.