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Why you should get your kids into martial arts

Many people, especially concerned parents, think martial arts are too violent for kids, but we’re here to tell you that simply isn’t true, especially when it comes to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Getting kids into a martial art from an early age has proven benefits; physically, mentally, and socially.

In fact, sending your kids to a martial arts class is one of the best things you can do for them, teaching them lessons which they will carry into their teenage years and through into adulthood.

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Builds social skills and confidence

As any psychologist will tell you, a person’s personality is hugely dependent upon their childhood.

The ability to interact with others, how to handle stressful situations, confidence, determination, and success can all be traced back to those early developmental years.

Playing, learning, and bonding with kids their own age can help children develop language skills, empathy, and social cues.

All these things come naturally through martial arts.

On top of that, there’s the added bonus of making your child “bully-proof”.

By their very nature, bullies pick on the weakest, not the smallest. They don’t pick on other kids who are confident, and learning a martial art gives confidence in spades.

It’s not about being able to fight, it’s about knowing you can defend yourself if you need to, and that confidence transfers into all other aspects of life.

Keeps them fit and healthy

Putting on our Grumpy Old Man Hats for a second, when we were young, we didn’t need to be told to get out and play.

Nowadays, kids are glued to smartphones and tablets, causing a real problem with children’s health.

According to the national statistics, over a quarter of children in Northern Ireland are overweight or obese.

As animals, we’re not built to sit around all day, we need to move. Physical exercise is essential to mind, body, and soul.

Kids who take up a physical hobby will carry that love for exercise throughout their entire lives, even if it’s not with the same sport.

Training regularly teaches kids to look after their bodies and make healthy lifestyle choices from a young age.

Teaches important life lessons

It’s one thing to protect kids from the horrible things in the world, but it’s quite another to wrap them in cotton wool and never expose them to life’s – sometimes tough – lessons.

Telling kids they’re the best at everything when they’re not, or giving them trophies for coming last… these things just set kids up for failure in the real world. Your boss won’t give you a promotion for simply turning up to work.

Martial arts teach kids two important lessons; you’re going to lose sometimes and it’s ok if you do.

This way kids can learn and understand that losing at something isn’t the end of the world, in fact, it’s just another reason to try harder next time.

That discipline and commitment that is ingrained in kids turns them into better grown-ups. Kids who do martial arts have been proven to be more goal-oriented as adults, understanding that a setback isn’t the same thing as total failure.

Take a look at those people on the X-Factor who can’t sing. When Simon Cowell tells them the obvious, they can’t accept it, because all their lives their parents have been telling them how great they are.

Don’t raise those types of kids.

Bring your kids along to one of our free classes

Gracie Barra Belfast have a Future Champions Programme, a course specifically designed for children aged 6 – 15 years.

This class is tailored for kids, helping them learn, grow and mature in a safe, friendly environment.

Not only will they learn the basics of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but they will come to understand the core vales of the sport, such as discipline, persistence, and respect.

The class is split into two ages groups, the Little Champions (ages 6-10) and the Juniors and Teens (11- 16).

If you would like your children to take up a new hobby that keeps them active, make friends, and become more confident, then bring them down for our free, 14-day trial and see if it’s for them.

If you’re worried about BJJ being too tough, please don’t. Give us a call on +44 7926 917 909 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.